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Investing in LatAm’s future through innovative VC solutions

Attom Capital invests in the region’s best companies by providing liquidity to its shareholders through direct secondary investments.

Attom Capital?

After actively investing and operating in the region for years, we experienced first-hand the need for creative venture investing. At Attom, we provide liquidity solutions to high-growth companies while partnering with the region’s most visionary founders. 

Meet the Team


We have invested in over 40 companies in the past years. 

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We are strong believers in a market in which its participants can get liquidity when needed, so they can further support other great founders shaping the next startup pushing forward the frontier of development in the region. 

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VCs, angels, founders  & employees exit their investments.

More startups solving Latin America’s hardest problems.

A portion of the proceeds gets reinvested back into the ecosystem.

Increases amount of capital available for startups & retains talent.

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